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Custom marine brass bodies, top quality finishes and thick thumping blades make for great casting spinners! We offer this spinner pre-built and ready to fish or as a do-it-yourself kit that includes all the components needed to build it yourself and save money! It's very easy to twist these up yourself - see the "How-To's" tab for help. Choose from several lure sizes and single or treble hooks. Swivels directly attached to spinners often inhibit spin. For this reason we no longer include swivels on spinners. If you prefer using swivels then we suggest using one between your mainline and bumper or purchasing a pack of open-eye swivels from our components section. 


#3 - 1/3rd oz
#4 - 2/5th oz

#4 Heavy - 3/5th oz

#4.5 - 7/16ths oz

#5 - 1/2 oz

#5 Heavy - 3/4 oz

Torpedo Spinners - Copper/Gloss Black

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