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These are the same bodies whe use for our 1 oz Jetty Caster Spinners. The bodies weight in at .81 oz so when combined with one of our #6 blades they make a spinner that weighs aprox 1.20 oz. Solid brass plated and/or powder coated with top quality paints. Sold in packs of 5. These bodies work great with our #6 blades.

NOTE - The plating and powder coat on some of these bodies is slightly thicker than others which reduces the size of the holes. All Jetty Caster bodies will work with .031 wire but not all are guaranteed to work with .035 wire. If you absolutely must have bodies that will work with .035 wire just message us before placing your order and we can pull and test them before shipping.

Jetty Caster Bodies (pack of 5) - Nickel

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