Great News!

We now produce our own spinner components!

This means better inventory availability, faster order processing times and the ability to purchase components separately! As we phase in our own components, some orders may contain a mix of brands but the general shapes, sizes, weights and colors are very similar and as always, very high quality. Please drop us a line if you have any questions or concerns.

We offer hundreds of spinner combinations. For this reason, many orders are built-to-order which takes time. Orders are currently being processed and shipped out within 4-6 business days.


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Spinner Components


Jigs Sale!!!

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 Fish don't know that you're driving a $50,000 boat or wielding a $500 rod & reel. All fish see are the lures you put in front of only makes sense to use the best you can buy. 


Daniel Krenz from Outdoor Addictions


First Strike Lures is all about making great steelhead and salmon lures more affordable and more available.

Made from our own components, these are small batch, high quality fish-catching pieces of art for the same prices you'd pay for the mass-produced crap that's been lining store shelves since we were kids. 


Like you...we never get enough time on the water so when we do get out we want our chances of success maximized. Using our stuff instills confidence. Knowing that you've got the business end of this situation covered frees you to focus on other things like technique and water. 


Try our lures with confidence and you will catch fish!

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Yeah...they         work!!!

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